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3 Ways Your Website Design Is Directly Impacting Your Business

Website is the public interface of your business. It is the medium with which connects your business with your customer and the outside world. It is your website that by and large gives you the business as your customer makes decisions on what you put on this medium. To have a positive and long-lasting impact on your client your website should get everything in order. A potentially high value client will see how your site communicates, what it communicates and how well are things organized. So you need to be at your best when it comes to sites since they lay the foundation for future business.

How do you do this is a fundamental question that everyone asks. Visual look and feel, user experience and how rich is the content is what matters and separates you from the rest in the pack.

Visual Presentation

First impression is always the last impression and this is aptly true for your website design. To leave a lasting impression on your clientele your site should be designed thoroughly, in a professional way, and should be aesthetically pleasing. A professionally designed website will leave your customer spellbound and hook them to go ahead with your products. Chances are they will stay with you in the long run. When deciding on showcasing your features work with a thoroughly experienced website designer who is meticulous enough to understand global best practices and keep up to date with the changing trends.

User Experience

Website should be easy to navigate, easy to find quick information and load with ultra speed that visitors find it really super cool to find what they want easily on your site. Presenting information to users even before they know they want it would be great. Give users a pleasant experience so that they visit again whenever they feel like. Your website should work at best whichever the medium – desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.


Keeping a clear, crisp and helpful content will easily connect your business with clients. Customers must get the feeling that the business of the company understands the needs of the client better than others.  Often customers are pressed for time and they will easily skip through long and boring content. To avoid this, the content should have information that attracts user in the first 30 seconds. The about us page and the home page content shouldn’t be more than 500 words. Simultaneously the site should convey through its content that your business and products are credible and trustworthy.

To conclude the impact of online presence of your business is much more than business owners normally could guess. It is therefore essential to know the most important elements of your website and one way of ensuring this is to work with an experienced website designer.

The good news is that if you get your basics right then the website can operate as a highly effective, efficient and influential communication tool that itself on its own can pull your business to greater heights than you ever aspired for in the beginning.

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Top 3 Ways To Market Your Business Online In 2017

We are witnessing the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) unfolding before us. Just as you have information about your product on your fingertips, customers also have information on their hands.

They are connected through a net and they can access data and information anytime and anywhere they want. The digital world is the first place where you get in touch with your potential customer for marketing your products. Knowledge on this alone won’t suffice. We are in 2017 and it is the age of cut-throat competition. Your products may perhaps be the best but to be the first is a daunting task and for this, it is essential to get the basics correct first.


The foundation is laid with your website. Customers first visit websites to check out what you have to offer, to see the descriptions, check if any offers or discounts are there and the shipping rates if they happen to be placed in a far flung region, and so on. For this, the homepage needs to be simple yet attractive. Information must be visible without having too much to scroll. This is important since many customers wouldn’t be patient to see what is down below.

Establishing communication is another factor in having a successful business outcome. Can your customer, if you are a service related business, see a click to call icon above the fold, i.e. without scrolling, and can he by clicking that call you up directly instead of having a service provider do the job.

These are certain tips to be kept in mind while constructing a website in the year 2017. Also, it is the age of smart phones and everything is made available instantly through phones carried in pockets. Search Engine Google had last year stated that it is giving importance to mobiles first and then only desktops and laptops.

Since around 60 per cent of the searches are now carried out on phones it is imperative that you have a mobile friendly website. You need to keep this factor in control else fix it as soon as possible to stay competitive in 2017.

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Google is by default the place where anyone would search for information. This huge search engine has created the most measurable forms of marketing and advertising in history. Google Ad words enable you to reach out to millions in one shot.

You can sell your goods or services to the entire world. Splitting your campaigns and Ad words will be a good idea. The campaign usually must be a base word. For example, you can keep your campaign as “manufacturing” and the ad groups within that key terms can have variations such as “electronics manufacturing”, “plastic manufacturing”, and so on.

Your work will become more organized, creative and you will end up viewing the performance of different terms and create extremely specific ads for your target customers.



Ad words and search engine optimization (SEO) are closely related than ever before in 2017. Google’s Quality Score is a witness to that. Google looks at the content on your website which is the same content contributing to your organic ranking.

It looks at that and the Ad words and how much they are related. If yes then your rankings improve. A good Quality Score can place your company above your nearest competitor.

Quality Scores and SEO are directly interrelated along with the organic ranking and the more time you spend in enriching your content in those directions the better your ranking will become with Google gradually placing it above your peers.

Facebook Lead Ads

Are you on Facebook? It is an often asked term. Facebook has more than 800 million active users and 200 million logs on to the medium on a daily basis. Your Facebook page is the extension of your website and it needs to surpass your website in terms of your interaction with the customers.

                                           Facebook Leads

You can spend some time daily on browsing through web pages that have used Facebook to the optimum and reproduce their formula on yours as well. Facebook will help you create fan pages and for this, you need to frequently post new content such as videos, short messages, audio visuals, replying promptly to comments from viewers, get them to press the like button, and in the process develop a one-to-one relationship with your client.

Develop an interactive page and get a lively community of people to discuss your business among them. Cash on to the opportunity brought forth by the digital world and achieve extraordinary results.

video marketing tips

7 Tips For Successful Video Marketing

Unleashing the incredible power of video marketing even if you are a newbie can pay rich dividends. You may fail to convey about your product but a well-crafted video will do the job for you working 24×7.

Video marketing has gained more prominence as we navigate through the fourth industrial revolution. It is the best tool to communicate your ideas and your message and in the process earn for you dollars. Best is to keep things as simple as they can be. The key is to be well-versed with your objective before you start making your video.

Video-Marketing (1)

Why to publish a video? – This is the first question that you need to ask yourself before posting it online. Is there a requirement? The video should connect with your viewers. Often customers search online for finding solutions to their problems. It could be anything, may be buying a product, or getting rid of something which bothers them, and so can you give a solution to their suffering. If yes, then they will watch your video for tackling their ailments.

The plus point with putting up videos is that you don’t take the pain to explain again and again.

Videos will build your brand. When you are new in the market you can use videos to reach out to potential customers telling them about your company and your products.

Once they like it then they will share the video through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp and in the way not only bring traffic to your website but also boost your sales. You do publishing and if your video is liked then public will take care of the rest.

Make your video interactive – Interactive videos attract maximum people. Comments from your audience matters. It improves your SEO. Respond to the comments, tweets, raise questions and allow your viewers to answer them in the comments section.


Watching your video – The job is not done just by uploading the video on YouTube. You need to keep a tab on how much of your video is watched. It is important to know where your customer switches to another channel. Keeping your customer engaged is an arduous task.  To overcome this challenge it is advisable to keep your video short. No one has the time to watch an entire movie. Research has shown that videos that last around 5 minutes are the ones watched most.

Searching your video – Content is as important as visuals. A well written content will give your video meaning. People visit content and read a bit and then click on the video. Search engines cannot locate your video and if you want it to appear on search engines then content is a must. Keep an attractive headline and a punchline pulling your viewer to watch out the video for more action, introduce those like buttons – “Facebook, Tweet”, etc. which promote your video.

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Notification of video – It is a good thing to notify your subscribers about your video. But when you upload too many videos and each time your subscriber gets notification then you are spamming him. He may discontinue watching your videos. To avoid this when uploading your video make it private and then when it is uploaded uncheck “notify subscribers” in advanced settings and then make the video public. This will ensure that you reach viewers and keep your subscriber base intact as well.

Further actions – You have succeeded in drawing their interest and now you want to retain them further. It is a challenge. This can be overcome by including links below the videos to direct your customer to find out solutions. For example, if video is about your production process then you can have a page which directs them to information about your other products. Or links such as get the exact product here or talk to an expert here will also serve well. The idea is to keep the visitor engaged on your page.

Hiring professionals – You may be taking all these steps and yet not finding success. If you are not experienced then it is difficult to find the right video marketing strategy. Video production or marketing professionals can do that for you. May be time to hire them.

Top ways to use Email-signature as an Online Marketing Tool

The power of online marketing is growing by the day and many new techniques are in place, to exploit the digital marketing boom. However, one of the most under-estimated tools is an email signature.

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The email signature is a something which is there right in front of us, and yet nobody thinks that it is good enough to be considered an online marketing tool in the first place. An age old saying, “Sometimes the best place to hide, is in plain visibility”, holds good in this case! That brings us to the question, how do we use an email signature in e marketing? Well! Read on!

Promote your Website

Always include a link to your website in your signature. People who read your email are obviously online, and therefore they can definitely access your website in case they need to know more about you and your company. Thus, even if your contact wants to know more about your company, he may directly click and visit it via your email signature.

Social Media Links

Social media is widely used for online marketing purposes, and if you wish to keep in touch with your customers outside your official communication channels, you may turn to social media. In fact this is a channel where many discussions take place in your area of expertise; you can in fact establish yourself as an expert in this field via social media channels. Apart from serious discussions, many inspirational materials as well as jokes can also be shared across social media, thus revealing your ‘human side’ and creating a rapport with your present and future customers. Therefore it is advisable to include links to your social media pages.

Link to Blog

By publishing consistently good content, your blog can establish itself as rich source of information. People will naturally turn to you if they require information or expert advice in your niche field. You may even add a link to this blog and additionally link your RSS feed to the email signature to reflect the latest blog post.

Event Promo Info in Banner

In case you are conducting an event like seminar or webinar and wish to reach out to more people, you may include the ad-banner within your signature to get more coverage and registrations via e marketing.

Latest Promotions and Offerings

If you are giving any discounts or FREE offers, for your products and services, you may include the related information and link within your email signature.

Give Away something for FREE

People are always obsessed with the word FREE; you might as well prepare an informative E-Book and give it away for free, in return for subscribing to your blog or mailing list. If can even be a free software, or any other product sample.

If you neither have an e-book to give away nor any product that you can think of, then you may try something much better than that; i.e., a FREE Consultation or Product Demo. That way, you have the chance to build your brand reputation and contact list with every email you send!

Thus an email signature is anything but insignificant, when it comes to marketing your brand online. You may even create your own custom signature by visiting For more information on email marketing and responsive web design, contact us.