Do I Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

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It is the biggest buzzword of today for business websites and every one doing business is prioritizing this, i.e. making their websites mobile responsive. It is well-known that people access internet on their smart phones and tablets rather than on unconventional platforms which have become vogue.

As in all good designs you wouldn’t notice it when it exists but will definitely miss it if you didn’t notice it in the device which you hold in your hands. A well designed site will do wonders for your business.

You will be irritated by visiting a business website which is not responsive and you end up dragging it to view the content. This can be irksome. If the website uses Flash content then the site will not load at all. What will users do, simply switch off and move to another site.

Now a day’s people access web almost 24×7 on their smartphones rather than on PCs. More than 90% of smartphone users are regular browsers and mobile browsing accounts for over 15% of internet traffic. With download speeds increasing and with attractive unlimited data packages provided by various service providers for mobile phones this has become possible. A site which is not responsive on mobiles will be left out and fade away from public memory soon.

Google ranks mobile friendly websites on top in search results. With a mobile website you are effectively maintaining two separate websites, i.e. the desktop version and the version to which phones are redirected when they access your web address.

Having a mobile responsive website is also seen as something which is quite practical. The special coding effect that you put in the backend of your website will ensure that your layout and content will respond dynamically to whatever screen size your visitor is using. Text and images automatically resize to the screen width, text is large enough to be read and navigation is made easy through drop down menu.

Viewers once they get a great browsing experience will get addicted to your site and so it is good to be a part of this online world. Responsive website is the need of the hour. Redesign and improve your strategies to meet the needs of the time.

Google recommends a responsive website design pattern. Besides, it makes for a good user experience and improves your SEO efforts across all platforms.

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