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How to make your Blog more Search Engine Friendly

A webpage is not visible to the world wide web unless it is crawled by the search engine bots. The top search engine Google approximately crawls 40 billion web pages and keeps them cached. These pages are ranked in order of their relevance and quality. In order to gain a high ranking from google, websites need to make sure that SEO optimization is done in the right way and the below mistakes are avoided.


Absence of a Sitemap

A sitemap tells the search bots where to crawl. Having a search map saves time, infact it makes its job ten-times faster! If there is no site map, the search bot crawls all possible places and even those parts of the site which may contain duplicate content. Unless these pages are marked as ‘ no-follow’, Google  crawls the duplicate content and marks it as bad links – which is not good for SEO optimization.

It is therefore very much necessary to have a site map for search engine submission. A site-map tells Yahoo, Ask, Bing, Google and other search engines, how to crawl your website in the first place. You need to setup Google’s Webmaster Tools and Search Console so that you will be aware of what’s happening when Google crawls your website, and rectify errors if any. For best results, make sure that search engine submission has been done for all the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Messed-up Code

Make sure that the text to program-code ratio is 50-50. If not, it will be perceived by searchengines as spam. If you are writing the content, then make sure you speak to the developer to make sure that elaborate content is written on all required pages. Make sure that the content reflects the keywords in the right way. If there is too much code and very little text, then it is likely to be perceived as spam and excluded by google in its quest for quality content.

Be active on social media

You need to make the best use of social media. Social media updates get indexed immediately, although they disappear soon as well. Some social media updates reach viral status; these have a tendency to stay-on depending on the degree of their viral status.

Good Back links

You also need to make sure that our blog receives links from highly ranked sites. Websites with a high Domain Authority (D.A.) rating, need to link to your site. It can be done by submitting articles on reputed websites with high PR ratings.

You also need to submit your links to directories, but you must be very selective at that. Some directories are categorized as bad, and you don’t want to be associated with them; it is not a good idea to either ‘link to’ or get links from those sites.


Embrace Social Media

It is always a good idea to create social media profiles across channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,YouTube, Pinterest and Google plus. Posting regular  updates gives search engines something to crawl about, and hence keep you on top of their results.

Social media is not exactly a sales generator, however when you search for a company, its social media profiles are also shown in the results. This means that although they don’t directly affect the Google ranking, they definitely appear in the search results and hence are a welcome source of traffic.

Social media also helps you to generate a one-to-one relationship with your online audience. They will get to know more about your product and services before trying them first hand. Online reviews on social media, help customers take better decisions before buying your services.

Link to Previous Content

Give references to previously written articles via hyperlinks. This act of linking to your previously written blogs increases your authority on the subject. Interlinking these blogs is also good for SEO. You can also channel traffic from one blog to another, thus increasing the visit-length, which again is good for SEO.

Following the above SEO tips, will keep you in good terms with search engine bots and get your website visible on the top of search engine results.


5 Reasons Why you Need a Website Re Design

The internet has come a long way since the past decade. There has been a splurge in popularity of many small business websites, who have demonstrated their capability to take on the bigger players.  At the same time, many websites have lost their appeal due to their unwillingness to change according to the latest trends. Your online visitors can easily make out if your website looks outdated. You need to make sure that it stays in tune with the latest trends. The best way to find out whether you should go in for a website re design, is to visit it, using your smartphone.

Website Not Optimized

Many of us are glued to smart phones for most of the time. However, very rarely do we use them to check our own website. If a website loads slowly or appears disproportionate on a smartphone, that means it has not been optimised for the mobile.

Unclear Message

Web visitors will be on your site for a brief while. So make sure that you get the message across, very quickly and in the most effective way. If the message is not clear, they will simply click away to another site. Therefore make sure that the main page contains all the essential points and the message is conveyed in plain and simple terms. If you feel that it is appropriately designed, you may still ask for a second opinion from close friends who will be more honest in their review of your website. Also have it tested on multiple devices as well as browsers.

Difficult to Navigate

The website must be easy to navigate. The visitors must never get ‘stuck’ in some part of the website and find it difficult to go back. The navigation bar is usually towards the top of the website. It must provide the user with the much needed ease in navigation. The users also expect links at the bottom of the web-page, so that they can find their way through your website, even if they get lost.

If your site is easily navigable, people will spend more time on it, and this increases their visit duration and sometimes results in business conversions or product purchases.

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Doesn’t look Trendy

Your website design needs to keep up with the current trends and should not look outdated. Although it may not be evident, you still need to view it from your customers’ point of view. It is best to seek the unbiased opinion of your friends. This will give you an idea of what needs to be done to make it look more appealing.

Poor Conversion Rate

When people visit your website, they may choose follow the Call-to-Action (CTA), submit a query form, sign up for a newsletter, buy a product or perform any other recommended action. If you are getting less response and your conversion rate is on the decline, then there is cause for concern. It implies that your website is not providing the customer experience or simply doesn’t have the appeal of your competitors. Once you are sure that something is wrong with your conversion rate, it is time to go in for a website redesign.

Lots of Bling

Make sure that the site doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. Too many graphics and animations slow down your website and drive visitors away. It is much better to have a simple but optimized website. It loads faster and conveys the message to the web visitors without any further hiccups.

These are few of the reasons why you need a website re design. You may thus approach website design professionals to get it re designed.

e-commerce website design

9 Tips for a Successful Shopping Cart Website

You will need e-commerce website design if you are into retail business. Here are some tips to build and manage a successful Affordable Shopping Cart Website.


Your business website design must be simple. It should not contain all the bells and whistles like flash animation, background music, etc. Users are accessing your website while on the go; the last thing they want is slow loading flash or a blaring background music. Also, keep your Affordable Shopping cart design presentable, simple and free from clutter. That way, the users will quickly find what they need without delay. is the best example of a clutter free site.

Always Respond Quickly

When customers submit an enquiry, you must respond quickly. A lazy response to customer queries is a surefire way to lose them.

If they order your product, make sure that a receipt is sent to them along with delivery details. If you are on a vacation, then delegate the job of checking your official email to your employee. Also have a customer support number which is manned during your work hours with a facility to leave voice messages during non-working hours.

Interact with Customers Online

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can help you build your own community where you can interact with your customers and fans. Fans can also share their experiences about using your product and post it on your social media page.  In fact, positive online reviews especially via social media can add credibility to your brand and help in word-of-mouth marketing. You can also have a blog where healthy discussions take place regarding your subject of expertise. A blog can also have sharing buttons so that a wider range of people can benefit from the knowledge.

Have Customers Comeback for More

Your must keep the company website constantly updated with fresh content. Therefore it is good to have a dynamic website with a blog which is constantly updated with interesting articles, so that visitors keep coming back for more. Also make sure that the blog has a comments section with Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.

You can even run offers like “50% off for a day”. This will create interest and the visitors keep coming back for more. Repeat visits to you website by your loyal customers, may even lead to product sales.

Optimize within Limits

Do not try too hard to optimize your website. Let the content feel natural and not be studded with too many keywords. Let it be interesting and readable. If you try to stuff keywords in every nook and corner, your website will be regarded as spam site and demoted by Google. Remember that the key to top SEO ranking is quality content.

Avoid too many Listings

There is a general view that submitting links to various directories, will cause Google to give you a good ranking. The fact of the matter is that Google actually recognizes these web directories as ‘bad neighbourhoods’. If your website is listed there, it will be taken as a spam website.

Build your Mailing list

Have visitors to your website to sign up for a free E-Book. They should be able to subscribe to it by submitting their name and email. Thus you can send out newsletters to your subscribers once or twice a month. Take care not to bombard their inbox with more frequent newsletters. Also have an option for your subscribers to opt out. Thus you can build a community of subscribers with whom you can interact and send special offers on your products.

Customer Service

In spite of the advancement in technology; you still cannot replace the element of ‘a human touch’. Having an online shop is not just about getting orders, counting money and asking the shipping guys to handle the rest. You must have customer support executives who are real and not virtual beings; they must be handling customer calls. Customers may encounter a lot of problems. It could be that your website accepted the payment two times, or probably they ordered two times, or perhaps the product with another color or size got delivered. There are many concerns which a customer support person must resolve. This cannot be done by a robot or any virtual telephone assistant. When customer concerns are taken care of, they don’t mind giving you a positive review, whether it be online or by ‘word of mouth’. This generates trust.

Easy Payment

Make your payment method easy. You could opt for an e-commerce solution like Shopify or integrate your site with PayPal.

A successful affordable shopping cart website cannot be build overnight. It can definitely evolve into a success over a period of time, by following the right steps. Do you have any favorite tip for promoting an e-commerce website? Do let us know in the comments below.


5 Easy and Affordable Shopping Cart Solutions for Small Business

Affordable Shopping Cart Solutions for Small Business. Anyone interested in selling products online might find the prospect of designing a website storefront with a shopping cart and credit card processing intimidating. At one time, creating an online store required programming knowledge and lots of money. But today, there are many easy to use and affordable, full e-commerce service provider’s perfect for the small business.

Most providers offer everything you need, including hosting, templates and more. Or, you can integrate them into your existing website. Most of these offer payment gateways and use of their credit card services, as well as allow you to use PayPal. Some charge transaction or set-up fees and others don’t. They all offer a free trial, which gives you the chance to test them all to find the one that best suits your needs.

Here are 5 affordable shopping cart solutions for opening a small e-commerce store:



Volusion is my top recommendation, not only for the low price, but all the bells and whistles that come along with its affordability. There is ample support, fraud protection for your customers, options for credit card processing as well as accepting PayPal payments, and many website templates to choose from. Further, it offers responsive design, mobile e-commerce and social media integration (i.e. Facebook store). Basically, Volusion offers everything you could want or need to run a successful and effective e-commerce store. Volution offers many affordable plans starting at only $14 per month (you can test it with a free 14-day trial).



Shopify is also another top recommendation because it is so customization. Within the typical e-commerce solution and hosting, there is a Shopify App store (much like Apple’s) which allows you to shop for and select add-on applications for your Shopify site. For example, Shopify offers buy buttons for Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. It provides everything you need or you can integrate into your existing website or store. It offers mobile options as well. In addition, you get great support, fraud protection, options for credit card processing and many website templates to choose from.

Affordable Shopping cart Plans start at $29 per month but that includes unlimited products and 24/7 support.

Big Commerce:


Big Commerce is another well-priced and fully stocked e-commerce service provider. It offers fraud protection, varying credit card processing features and a wide selection of website design themes, including responsive design, and mobile e-commerce. It also offers a wide range of support options and the ability to show product images in varying ways. Big Commerce offers unlimited products, storage and bandwidth, and the ability to sell on Pinterest and Facebook, as well as Google Stores on the bigger, Pro and Enterprise plans.



3Dcart is an e-commerce solution targeting those who wish to sell a larger amount of products. It includes many of the bells and whistles as the other providers such as mobile e-commerce, social media integration and more.



Like other providers, Fortune3 offers everything you’d need to set up an e-commerce store with six plans to choose from starting at $9.95 a month. A few other providers offer gift cards,  and Fortune3 give you the ability to sell and accept gift certificates. Plus there is Facebook shopping integration, email marketing, and the ability to create an affiliate program. What’s different from other providers, is that Fortune# includes all features in all plans. The difference between the plans is the number of products. The two most expensive plans have set up fees as well.

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Low Cost Website Design- Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Social media is a catch-all term for all social networking sites that connects people and share messages. Using social media platform enable small businesses to reach out to their customers. Once your post or product is publicized online, people will be curious to know more about it. We can understand that social media is dominating the world and brands take advantage of social media to achieve goals and improve ROI. Some of the trends in social media of the year 2017 are:

Live Video Platforms
This platform is gaining advantage through social media. Many of us are glued to the internet and social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Facebook has come up with a new feature known as Facebook Live. The main strategy is to keep customers engaged with their brand. Brands need people to revisit their website or product. They ensure that these videos easily connect customers and increase the conversion rate. The live video platform is not meant only for businesses, but also for friends and family members who want to share their videos on social media.

Customer Service Chatbots
New brands that have entered the market in the present days turn to chatbot when it comes to customer service resources and customer care. Social Media giants and communication platforms such as Allor, Slack make use of chatbots for conferring immediate and faster responses. These bots play an indispensable role in facilitating communication. They are also imperative in reducing response time.

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Social Media Messaging Apps
As per the statistics, WhatsApp has reached one billion marks. It indicates that many people are navigating to private social messaging app. Many brands are adopting social media messaging apps to build a social network with its customers and employees. WhatsApp also provides enhanced features like free video and voice calls, chats that can connect to other countries.

Social Media eCommerce
Social media eCommerce is a powerful tool for increasing sales. Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide different options to users for purchasing the required products directly within their Apps. Snapchat has initiated rolling out and testing eCommerce features in the year of 2016. In accordance with a recent statistics, it has been revealed that 56% people follow brands on social media for browsing required products for sale. Thus, it can be said that people make more use of social media for looking for new items to buy. Brands can utilize these shopping habits as strategies for interacting with customers.

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Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is still a growing trend of 2017. What is so unique about VR is that it provides a great immersive experience by giving a new perspective of real-world places. Apps enable you to take photos that can be viewed in 360 degrees. Besides this, for example, many customers might not be visiting Peru, but they can visualize the direct impact of their purchases. This can be experienced by using a VR headset or viewer that can be viewed on desktop devices or smartphones enabling the brands to share their story.