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All About Responsive Website Design

In the era of smart phones and tablets a responsive website design maintaining its unique look and feel irrespective of devices and factors such as screen size, pixel resolution, click versus touch, and many other functions that come along in your hand-held devices, is all the more vital.

So what is a responsive website and why do we need this? This is a question that is often asked not just by you but even by those top CEO’s in today’s business.

A responsive website makes your site look good on all types of devices and the demand for this is already at its peak in the market. A responsive website design method is aimed at coding a website to give the viewer of the website an optimal viewing, reading and navigating experience. It should also come with built-in features for minimal resizing, scrolling and panning across various devices including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The design pattern of the website including the user interface (UI) should be able to adjust itself to these various devices.

Advantages of Responsive Websites over Conventional Ones

Let us now examine what responsive websites bring to the table that conventional sites don’t. There may be some who would say why the fuss about this and having one which adapts itself to the various internet devices that we see these days is no big deal. Well you are for a matter of fact mistaken and will realize this as soon as you step in to the business to market your products.

The best web designers put huge emphasis on having a responsive website for garnering good business orders and generating good enquiries. This is so because the world has to a large extent moved beyond the traditional ways of marketing and usage of devices to market their products and services and business is now done through various channels.

For example today’s smart phones in the market come up with features that are much more tech savvy than what was available in full pledged computer systems and this bridges the gap between devices, ideas and the end customer. So you are more connected with the market as well as your audience which is very important.

The various apps on smart phones such as WhatsApp, ticket booking apps, social media channels, hotspot, and so on make it all simple and easy for the public to do what they used to do through emails, browsing the internet on PCs, etc. a few years ago.

Before responsive websites became popular businesses that ventured into the field of mobile marketing had to build an additional website that could be used on mobile platforms in addition to the regular one which is used as the business website.

Getting Responsive Websites and Eliminating Problems

For those looking forward to enter the mobile marketing business, if not today but sometime in future, responsive websites are essential and to get those you need tech savvy designers and developers who can build a good responsive website for your business.

Although responsive websites may burn more holes in your pocket than the traditional ones but with the added reach of mobile marketing and peace of mind that comes the fact that your website is screened perfectly regardless of the devices that it is viewed on is an additional factor to be weighed in the scheme of things.

As the adage says, content management systems and e-commerce works well when you have responsive websites, it is definitely worth a try.


Website Design

3 Ways Your Website Design Is Directly Impacting Your Business

Website is the public interface of your business. It is the medium with which connects your business with your customer and the outside world. It is your website that by and large gives you the business as your customer makes decisions on what you put on this medium. To have a positive and long-lasting impact on your client your website should get everything in order. A potentially high value client will see how your site communicates, what it communicates and how well are things organized. So you need to be at your best when it comes to sites since they lay the foundation for future business.

How do you do this is a fundamental question that everyone asks. Visual look and feel, user experience and how rich is the content is what matters and separates you from the rest in the pack.

Visual Presentation

First impression is always the last impression and this is aptly true for your website design. To leave a lasting impression on your clientele your site should be designed thoroughly, in a professional way, and should be aesthetically pleasing. A professionally designed website will leave your customer spellbound and hook them to go ahead with your products. Chances are they will stay with you in the long run. When deciding on showcasing your features work with a thoroughly experienced website designer who is meticulous enough to understand global best practices and keep up to date with the changing trends.

User Experience

Website should be easy to navigate, easy to find quick information and load with ultra speed that visitors find it really super cool to find what they want easily on your site. Presenting information to users even before they know they want it would be great. Give users a pleasant experience so that they visit again whenever they feel like. Your website should work at best whichever the medium – desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.


Keeping a clear, crisp and helpful content will easily connect your business with clients. Customers must get the feeling that the business of the company understands the needs of the client better than others.  Often customers are pressed for time and they will easily skip through long and boring content. To avoid this, the content should have information that attracts user in the first 30 seconds. The about us page and the home page content shouldn’t be more than 500 words. Simultaneously the site should convey through its content that your business and products are credible and trustworthy.

To conclude the impact of online presence of your business is much more than business owners normally could guess. It is therefore essential to know the most important elements of your website and one way of ensuring this is to work with an experienced website designer.

The good news is that if you get your basics right then the website can operate as a highly effective, efficient and influential communication tool that itself on its own can pull your business to greater heights than you ever aspired for in the beginning.

5 Things You Must Know about Branding Your Small Business

Branding a business and that took a small one is quite a daunting task. It is however doable with some forethought and consistency. With some tips you can establish your brand in the market and make your own space.

Knowing Your Customer:  Customer is the king in the business circle and everyone in the scheme of things demand plug and play facilities. The world has moved beyond logo and designs. You need to build relationships with your customer. This is possible when you are fully aware of what they need and can you serve them on a platter. As a businessman you need to understand what they purchase, why they purchase and how they purchase. Which channels they use to peek into businesses similar to that of yours.

Zero in to your niche audience the ones who benefit the most from what you offer. Customize your brand and services to this niche segment to focus on them primarily rather than trying to create an appeal at once on several quarters. As your business grows and enter into new markets you will for sure carve out more niche sectors which will need to be tapped. When you begin marketing for your niches then you can design value propositions with each target market in mind and address their distinct needs.

Knowing Yourself:   First step begins by knowing yourself and your product. What inspired you to create the business? Is there anything new that you are bringing on the table for your customers that would compel the audience to look into the product and go ahead to buy them? Your brand must sell itself. You can make it by offering the simplest solution for a common problem which ails a customer or you are offering something unique not available in the market. Whatever it may be it is that something vital that you have to offer for your potential customers. Focus on that and deliver the best, customers will make a beeline for you in the long run.

Communicating Effectively:  As people say, “first impression is the last impression”, it is very important to get the first step right. The product may or may not be good but hallmark of good salesperson is that they turn the ordinary into extraordinary through their tongue. In the process your customer himself will start advocating your product just because he fell in love with you in the first place. So open communication always helps you in your business and the world starts taking notice of your company. Investing time and energy into fostering long-lasting relationships with your customers will pay you rich dividends in future.

3. Communicating Effectively

Design to Impress:  A well designed product sells on its own since appearance counts. The style and design of your logo, headline, catchy phrases, color, and so on must be unique, lend an aesthetic appeal and touch the heart of the masses. Such products give a surety to your customer that it won’t go wrong. This reinforces the value of your product in the mind of your customer and eventually builds the brand. You need to turn your customer into a fan of your product with the best designed e-mailers, brochures, advertisements, websites, etc.

Consistency:  More often than not you know what your favourite drink tastes like, you know what the smell of the scent that you use every day, and you can make out what the phone which you ordered online looks like. This is made possible due to the familiarity and consistency of products such as these which you use regularly. In the same way it is utmost important that the product you wish to sell is known to the audience and you are consistent with it. Without consistency your product will not be recognized and profits won’t come to you. So build up on the great array of designs that you have come up with for your product and deliver them on a platter for your customer. Your research, design and message consistency determines your success besides building long-lasting and profitable relationships and the game begins with your website, the front-end of your business.


Five Cool Frontend Development Tools

Officially we are witnessing “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in front of us with technology creating an entire new generation of web applications. These are richer in content and making these demand constant changes on the front-end. Firms are in search of resources to shift gears and streamline their work and increase productivity on a day-to-day basis.

Developers spend quite some time researching for design blogs and browsing through various websites for tools to garner an easier flow for their work. The following 5 cool front-end tools could come handy for your everyday business output.

Edge Code

Formerly christened as Brackets, Code has been built by Adobe Systems to enhance the capabilities of other applications, for example, Dreamweaver. Adobe Edge Code is a lightweight text editor for web developers and designers. It gels well with HTML, CSS and Java Script Code comes in-built with all functionalities of the erstwhile Brackets and additional extensions that integrate with other Adobe products such as Edge Inspect, Edge Web Fonts, and Adobe Kuler. This gives you access to a world of fonts and color palettes that you could use in your development Endeavour.

Edge Code

For those having Apple ID, Code comes free. It is well worth a try since it speeds up development time through display of code changes directly on screen.

Snipping Tool

Pressing print screen button and copying the image on screen is a shortcut to show someone what is on screen. This is exactly what a snipping tool does. Snipping tool is a screen shot tool. Select the area and in the editor highlight or encircle the areas for review, save them and send across or use for future reference. You can capture a free-form snip (drawing a free-form shape around an object), rectangular snip (dragging the cursor around an object to form a rectangle), window snip (selecting a browser window or dialog box that you want to capture), and full-screen snip (capture the entire home screen).

For Windows 10, open Start button and type snipping tool in the search box and select snipping tool from the list. You can after saving the snap shot email your client for further action.

Codepen is the handiwork of CSS wizard Chris Coyier and his friends Alex Vazquez and Tim Sabat. Codepen is a social development tool for front-end designers and developers. A unique feature of the tool is that it allows users to experiment with code in the browser itself turning it into a virtual playground. Want additional features, get on to their paid account, it will be a virtual treat.


Breakpoint Tester

To easily test the responsiveness of websites at various breakpoints when creating something responsive is a challenge. Breakpoint Tester solves this issue and helps you scan sites’ style sheets for defined breakpoints and display them tiled in your browser. Breakpoint Tester is a handy tool for getting an overall view of how a project stacks down.


Last Pass

Last Pass is your password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. In the process it keeps you protected. Since it keeps a track of all your account login details you are not required to remember your passwords, key them in or click on the forgot password button. They give a great way of reducing login time and managing accounts between teams. Last Pass has got safe and secure safety features and can be customized as per your needs.



Panda is a great chrome extension tool to stay abreast with what is going on in the design industry. You can make the most of Chrome with this extension tool. Panda can replace your default tab. Enjoy the peace and quietness of the lively news feed on the left and beautiful tiled feed on the right.


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Widen Your Company Horizons With Social Media Presence

Social media is today the biggest platform for any business venture. Whether you are a start-up or an established brand you need to be present on all social media platforms to leverage potential and keep your business growing. The Internet as a source of information and market opportunities is a humongous platform and as companies get into the game they establish a footprint in the market. From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Fastpitch, Instagram to Pinterest to Tumblr, the list keeps growing and this necessitates that businesses stay tuned to make the best of the plethora of opportunities that the world of social media has thrown forth.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook had once said, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.” This becomes true when it comes to social media. All these channels are nothing but your biggest friends in electronic media that enhance the popularity of your products through online presence. Marketing executives that companies hire may or may not have impact on strangers and whatever impact is created will be limited geographically but social media has no such limitations. It is available 24×7 as your business partner transmitting your business and keeping it alive in the minds of the public.


Concurring with the views of Zuckerberg, Annie Winter, and an Australia based blogger and social media enthusiast said, “Social media has changed the way businesses used to operate two decades ago. Online channels such as Facebook and Twitter give companies a free hand to place advertisements and connect with the entire world with the press of a button. Social media is the key to open up a world of business opportunities and procure clients, understand their requirements and give for them what they are looking for. In the way, you build a rapport that can be long-lasting.”

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Perhaps the biggest thing that social media does is that it creates brand awareness even when you start from zero. Your potential customers by clicking on your page will gather knowledge on the products that you display. It builds a perception about your company. Carefully constructed audio-visuals and messaging on your viral marketing sites will pay rich dividends. It is important that the messages need to be consistent with the kind of brand image that you want to promote.

It is also important to focus on following like-minded companies to help create synergies between your products and services. Furthermore, always take a feedback from your customer on your products. You could initiate a conversation with them. Engaging your company with customers online will further increase chances of garnering business opportunities and build your brand among the public.


Generally, people would retain or share information which is of use for them in their daily life and getting the pulse of your customer and bring forth such brands will obviously create rooms for accommodating your business within their mindsets. Additionally, it is important that besides keeping your customer engaged the officials of your company act professionally and operate within boundaries that they are supposed to do. You shouldn’t indulge in abusive language when a customer doesn’t buy your product or gives a negative comment about it in the company’s social media page.

Whenever a customer chooses to buy a product from a company the first thing that he or she would do is to read the business’ social media page. Reviews play an important role in this. Many customers will try out your product because their close friend or relative or colleagues have liked your product, used them and posted positive feedback on it. So having a large social media following is very critical to keep your business running. Positive reviews matter a lot.

Perhaps you could do this by posting an interview of one of your customers that have used your product because it will be they who will be speaking rather than you mouthing about your company. In this way, you could avoid beating your own drum. However, as in every business, social media also has its pitfalls.

There are cases when a customer or anyone from the public may post some seriously negative comments creating an adverse impact on your business. The best way to get back into the rating is by getting your customers happy with your services to post positive feedback which can overshadow the negative effects.

Whatever be the case it is true that today social media plays a prominent role in shaping business and the onus is on companies on how to make best use of the opportunities brought forth by these channels and establish their presence across the globe successfully.