Best WordPress plugins for Online Business

Internet marketers are always in search of the best online tools to execute their strategy, in order to stay ahead of the competition. However, armed with the best WordPress plugins, they can make sure that their reign at the top is not cut short by competition, and feels like a piece of cake.

Here is a set of tools which will help internet marketers in their quest for online dominance and get more leads or business enquiries.

Gravity Forms

If you are having a website, which is having discussion forums, then this one of the best widgets for WordPress, to install in your website and thus eliminating the tedious procedure of writing the code. This saves time; it also allows you to customize the look and feel, so that the site looks the way you want it to be and of course, appears professional.


Yoast SEO

This cool widget for WordPress is a must-have, when it comes to internet marketing. This makes the best use of the SEO capabilities of WordPress. What’s good about Yoast SEO is that it prods you to pick the best keyword when you start writing the article or blog. This is very helpful and keeps you on track during the whole writing process and as a result, never allows you to deviate from the topic.


Google XML Sitemaps

This top WordPress plugin again eliminates the process of writing a long boring code. We can have the sitemap generated effortlessly, and this saves a lot of time. This is a boon for digital marketers and bloggers who are more bothered about the end result, rather than worrying about coding.


W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps your website by caching from the databases and thus help it load faster for the benefit of your readers. Many of the top bloggers use this to speed-up their website performance.



This word press widget takes care of spammy comments on your site. That way, you are in total control of what is displayed on your site. This is very popular internet marketing plugin for WordPress; in fact, it had just crossed 1 million installations, when this blog was written. As a result, your blog is thus free from spammy comments and misleading links.


Optin Revolution

People will not just subscribe to your blog, just because you have an opt-in box on your home page. Optin Revolution is a cool plugin for WordPress that helps you to integrate gifts or freebies in order to entice people to subscribe to your list. It also integrates will with Mailchimp and auto responders.


Wishlist Member

This is a plugin for those websites which have multiple levels of memberships. Wishlist Member, enable you to take total control of your membership levels and allocate privileges according to their level.


Jetpack by WordPress

Jetpack is another top WordPress plugin, which has a million downloads and still going strong. It features colourful mobile themes, content tools, and analytics which obviously can make a marketer’s job very easy.


These plugins are a must-have, as far as internet marketers are concerned. If you have found any other useful WordPress plugins, then drop in your comments and we will be glad to know about it.

seo techniques to avoid

SEO Techniques which must be Avoided

SEO is important for any website. However, it must be done in the right way; a few mistakes need to be avoided. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important for a website to increase its online visibility. There are ways to achieve it ethically. However, there are also some SEO techniques which are best to be avoided.

Page Jacking of Competitors

This is nothing but the copying of the entire website of a competitor in terms of its code, content, SEO keywords, links; and then changing those links to point toward your own website or products. If you don’t copy all the content except the optimization part, even then, your website will be flagged off as improper and will face a ban from search engines, sooner or later.

Keyword Stuffing

Some SEO techniques like stuffing a website’s content with keywords may have worked in the past; nowadays you get penalized for it by Google. You may instead create content on the website with one or two specific keywords. You may use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) i.e., the use of similar keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. However make sure that the words you use are natural, and do not alter the flow of the sentence.

Copying Domain Name

A trademarked keyword cannot be used in your domain name. For example, we cannot use or, even if it may be available. If not, you may get a call from Yahoo or Google’s Legal team. Copyrighted words cannot be used in a domain name. If a website goes ahead and uses those keywords illegally, then it’s just a matter of time before they are penalized as per law of the land.

Using TM keywords in Meta Tags

Using trademarked (TM) keywords in meta tags may not be illegal, however, it is always better to be on the safer side and avoid incorporating them into our webdesign code. Instead of channeling our efforts into risky SEO techniques which can land us into trouble (or future lawsuits); we may as well do things the right way.

seo techniques

PPC Trademarked Sites

There are certain keywords which are trademarked in Pay per Click (PPC). Those respective companies invested a lot of money so that they get a top ranking for the keyword, no-matter-what. Trying to outsmart them will again get you banned from Google and other PPC providers.

Fully Depending on Back links with Bad Content

Having backlinks to your site is not everything. There are other factors like the ones below.

  • Good Content
  • Social Media Links
  • Website (Optimization, Loading Speed, Site appeal)

Along with backlinks, the above three factors decide your website’s SEO status.

Thus, we can see that a good Search Engine Optimisation ranking is not attained by shortcuts. A lot of hard work goes into it, along with the above specified DO’s and DON’Ts.